Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Blood and Phelps Families

I'm always amazed at finding connections, and this time it really tickles me to find a connection with a fellow blogger and FaceBooker...Becky Jamison. Rather than tell the entire story here, I'll post the link to Becky's Blog: Grace and Glory and you can read it for yourselves. Mind you, read my comments at the end and you will see how our Blood and Phelps' families interconnected.

Even though Becky is not related to the Bloods 'by blood', and neither am I...we both have ancestors who are. My ancestor, who ended up in Runnells, Iowa, was Ada Belle Martin (sister to my great-grandmother, Iva Martin). Ada married Arthur Otis Blood.

To read Becky's story about these families, and our connection, go here:

Grace and Glory http://beckysgraceandglory.blogspot.com/2009/02/jackson-and-mary-phelps-blood.html


  1. This is so exciting! Thanks for tying us together on our blogs, Cheryle! You did all the work for me! Looks like we're related to the Bloods even though we aren't related by blood! Cool!

  2. LOL...that IS cool, Becky! I wish I'd make clickable links...doh! Anyway...it's a very interesting story!